Our Bookkeeping Service is highly professional and offering differing levels of support for all types of businesses, from sole traders to medium sized companies. This service is available with erms on a monthly fee basis, guaranteed to provide our clients with a virtual accounts department, thus ensuring that at all times your finances are fully up to date. This assists you, the client , in maintaining more prime time to concentrate on running and maintaining your business.

VAT Administration

Businesses need to annually register for VAT, as their business expands, although there are those that do not realise this fact.

Those that do, fully understand the additional work required in this function, and the time consumed in so doing. We look after this function for you, covering every aspect of accounting, thus ensuring that your accounts are fully prepared and on time, since time lapses can be very costly. Various items of course, can or may not be claimed against VAT, and many businesses are still not aware of these rules, for example in relation to differing rates applied in respect of charges on fuel etc..

Regardless of whether you are computerised or just maintain an “Ins” & “Outs” drawer, we will process your returns on a regular basis.

Poor cash management often results in an inability to meet VAT bills, this often results again in late payments and costly penalties. We remove the strain of that burden from you, ensuring that VAT liabilities are covered before they have been finally calculated.


From £150 our self assessment service will save you time, worry and potential fines - you simply need to provide us with the following:

For Employed people

  • Any employment records i.e. P60, P11D etc
  • Dividend Tax Certificate and Interest Certificates from any financial institution your have derived interest from.
  • Details of contributions to personal pensions.
  • Any other records of income or allowable expenses.

For Self-employed people

  • Bank Statements, Cheque book counterfoils, deposit books and details of turnover.
  • Details of Business Expenditure.
  • For businesses with a turnover of over £15,000, an analysis of expenditure.
  • Dividend Tax Certificate and Interest Certificates from any financial institution your have derived interest from.
  • Details of contributions to personal pensions.
  • Any other records of income or allowable expenses.


All employees like to rest assured that they are being paid correctly, so payroll errors can therefore be costly, and a cause for anxiety or distress among employees, so we are able to offer a full and complete payroll service, thus removing the stress and resposibility from you as the Employer, and also freeing you from the time taken to rectify any problems.

We at S & L on a monthly or weekly basis, calculate all net pay, sick pay, maternity pay, and holiday pay, and provide payslips for all employees. Forms P45, P60 and other administrative functions are all taken care of.

We at S & L on a monthly or quarterly basis, complete the PAYE Yellow book calculating the correct liability due.

We at S & L complete all Payroll Year End returns and deal with all other Year End matters.

All of our affordable fees are agreed in advance and at S & L we DO NOT CHARGE extra for starters and leavers, sick pay or holiday pay, and we find that with the ever- rising cost of software and stationary, our clients actually save money by handing over their payroll to us.

What then do we offer ?

  • Simple, effective , hassle free solutions.
  • A service for busy employers, where we do the work and you do the business.
  • Simple low cost solutions for payroll runs from a few individuals to many.
  • We have no hidden costs, will not try to blind or bluff you with regulations and problems, and you will find that we are here to help your business succeed.

S & L Bookkeeping Custom Packages

S & L will offer and create a package tailored to your requirements, be you a large organisation or a small business or sole trader.

Once all of your requirements have been assessed and agreed, then we can agree a fee, which will occur after consultation, since all clients differ in their requirements. There are certainly no unexpected bills for extra time spent, such as on correspondence, telephone calls or meetings, and no administrative work is added into the rate, as it is contained in our service.

We have, of course, an hourly rate, structured at a greatly discounted rate, in comparison to other maybe larger firms in the area, so if the Custom Package is not for you then call us for a FREE consultation and see whether we can service your bookkeeping, VAT returns and Payroll at a lower cost to yourselves.

This then is our package, a fully professional bookkeeping service,and monthly or quarterly accounts together with VAT returns.

Weekly or monthly payroll with all PAYE requirements, including year end.

Accurate reporting systems

More Direct control

No hidden costs, and flexibility

No staff turnover in sensitive accountancy areas

Peace of mind!!

If you require a quote for your Company, we are but a phone call away, or simply fill in the Request Form and we will respond directly.